To live with the heart - The life and work of Fr Slavko Barbarić, Fr Marinko Šakota (review, part two)

At the end of the book, Fr Marinko introduces about the spiritual profile of this special friar-man. He doesn't want to portray him as a perfect Christian. Nor was he. He had his weaknesses but he fought, day by day. Fr Marinko writes: „Another capacity strongly marked his personality: living in the present moment. He used to say that some people clung to the past because they regret what had happened yesterday, and worry about the future out of fear for what might happen tomorrow. They are fixed on the past or on the future, and they miss the present-day. As they feverishly hold on to the past and the future, they so not realise that they are losing grip on the present moment, which is fleeing like sand from a closed fist.“ Everything that Fr Slavko did in his life, where he participated in, founded and supported was achieved with lot of efforts invested in everyday minorities. The most beautiful activities, associations, festivals and meetings that Medjugorje has had shines with his humility.

„He was indifferent to praise. He neither sought it, nor did he suffer if it wasn't given. He considered that the meaning, the importance and the value of one's work should not be conditioned or measured by applause. At my First Mass he pronounced a wise and very important thought that sets one free, motivates and points into the right direction. I think that it does not concern only the priestly vocation, but all vocations.“ Then, the autor added Fr Slavko's words: „Whatever you do, don't do it for to be loved by others, because often you will not be loved, which could make you disappointed. Instead, whatever you do, do it out of love of others“. Fr Marinko wrote beautiful, good things about Fr Slavko's life, before all he was his friend who wanted to emphasize his humility, because he knew him so well. Fr Slavko is an example how some people may look fragile but have firmness, stone character. Just as a stone from Apparition's hill. Barefoot and on its knees, pilgrims walk there over the years, every day, and every other the stone becomes even more sharper. Over the years, Fr Slavko had so many confessions, and cried so many times. Being compassionated with his pilgrims but each time he became stronger. That's the proof how humans just as stones are eager to love more by sharping their souls. He worked and prayed, tirelessly. All for his pilgrim's love. Being there for the young, old, children, sick and the healthy ones. Fr Marinko wrote: „I remember that Fr Slavko often told the talented students that they must develop their talents. They make a mistake if they keep their talent at its initial level. This is a sign of laziness and selfishness. If they develop their gifts, they will become givers and ennoble this world.“ As Fr Slavko said: „Selfish attitude towards our gifts is the most dangerous illusion. The person, who shares what he has received, will receive more and more every day, will grow in richness, peace and happiness.“ All these things were done by himself. Just like that. His talent left us his precious books, good for the soul, mind and HEART. In their title, most of them have „heart“, and how not to? When he lived there with all his heart and left it for Medjugorje. Still beats there.

God bless You!

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To live with the heart - The life and work of Fr Slavko Barbarič, Fr Marinko Šakota

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