Give me your wounded heart, Fr Slavko Barbarić (review)

„This book is the fruit of experiences connected with the events of Medjugorje, and it wants to help you on your journey.“

There's only one final path to walk on. Only one Road of Peace. Although, every new day gives us the opportunity to go where we want and how we want. There's no „highway“ to speed up our journey and lead us quickly to the right destination. Moving slowly, without any shortucts and benefits, tirelessly we search for Peace. Along the way we search for signposts such as a „written words“. These are books, which someone has written through their experiences to teach and inspire others. „Let the word of Jesus dwell in you richly, teach and admonish one another in all wisdom, and sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs...“(Col 3:16-17)

Starting with our conscience fra Slavko leads us to the test questioning us about sin. Why to confess and in which way? Why a confessor is so important for Catholics? Fr Slavko wrote: „Confession is the free and conscious acceptance of the will of God and forsaking the world which enslaves and humiliates“ then added: „Holy Confession is a moment of return.“ When we return then we are ready for to accept Our Lady's messages as a guide on our path: „Dear children! I beseech you to accept the way of holiness as of today. I love you, and therefore I want you to be holy. I do not want Satan to hinder you on that way. Dear children, pray and accept all that God offers you on a path, which is bitter. However, to those who begin to walk on that path, God reveals all delight, and they will gladly answer every call of God. Do not care about petty things. Long for Heaven. Thank you for having responded to my call.“ (25 July 1987)

Below are few excerpts from the book.

1) Need to move:

„If someone said to you that God had given to him the legs for not to fall, you would surely not agree. You would try to explain that legs are made for walking, and not to avoid falling. If that someone should persevere in his conviction that his legs are there only for him not to fall, he would eventually have to spend his entire life in a wheelchair, because he would be afraid of falling as soon as he got up. The one who sits all the time and does not want to move of a problem than one who walks and falls from time to time. The one who never gets up out of fear of falling is more damaged than the one gets up and walks and falls from time to time.“

2) Behold your talents:

„This parable shows us why sloth is one of the capital sins. Here, we do not mean someone who sleeps one extra hour in the morning, or someone who is late to school, or does not finish his work on time that was determined by others. Sloth is a metter of noncooperation with God. If I cooperate in the development of my talents, I am slothful. If I am slothful, I will not mature, I will never develop in the image and likeness of God. Sloth is the deepest resistance to the will of God.“

„Dear children! You are responsible for the messages. Here is a source of grace, and you, dear children, are the vessels, which transmit the gifts. Therefore, dear children, I invite you to do your work with responsibility. Each one shall be accountable according to his own measure. Dear children, I invite you to give the gifts to others with love, and not to keep them for yourselves. Thank you for having responded to my call.“ (8 May 1986)

„It is extremely important for a Christian to understand this invitation and this call to work on his heart with all his strength. No work is difficult if we know why we do it. The Christian, who knows the meaning of the work on his heart, will accept all inner efforts and all pain in order to harvest the most beautiful of all fruits – and this is love. When one pursues his ideal with enthusiasm, he is tireless, but when one does not know the meaning of what he is doing, he quickly becomes tired and discouraged. This is human nature. The question is not whether a person has enough strength for something, but whether there is a motor to set his strenght in motion.“

3) I give You my wounded heart...

If You are courage to find out more of these beautiful fragments about confession and how to start your life with more faith and enthusiasm, You may buy the book in the link below:

Give me your wounded heart, Fr Slavko Barbarić

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