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Pray with the heart, Fr Slavko Barbarić (review)

He knew… every corner of Medjugorje, every prayer and every longing. Fr Slavko knew all that very well, how to put his knowledge into the words, nicely and modestly. Just like autumn rain, those words occasionally tap faster and sometimes slowly. The beauty of the rain can not always be experienced. Sometimes it happens that we pass by and passing under the drops we leave not enchanted by the beauty of the blessings. Fr Slavko’s words are a real blessing, Our Lady’s gift to us, through him. Just as we conveyed Our Lady’s messages in the last book’s review to be a vessels, which transmit the gifts, now through this book we can find a way to shape our vessel. In this book, Fr. Slavko introduces us with prayer, how to pray in Medjugorje? How to pray the rosary? How to pray at adoration? How to pray the way of the cross? How to prepare for holy confession? How to pray morning and evening prayers? This book contains beautiful meditative prayers and personal questions for each of ...
To live with the heart – The life and work of Fr Slavko Barbarić, Fr Marinko Šakota (review, part one)

Who was fra Slavko Barbarić? What Medjugorje meant for him? And who was he for Medjugorje?


During next few weeks, before 21st anniversary of his death we will write to You about this great man and friar who, through his life and work is much alike to the well-known Assisi saint. The one whose habit he had proudly worn all his life. Fr Slavko was there from the very beginning of Medjugorje's apparitions, present in spirit and mind, with his body and sacrifice. With every fiber of his being. We will let him to talk through his books, those words that we need to hear and LIVE WITH THE HEART and at the end to die for. As Fr Marinko Šakota, the current parish priest of Medjugorje, writes in his book Living with the heart- The life and work of Fra Slavko Barbarić: „Isn't Fr Slavko's death as unique, as astonishing and as symbolic as his life? Isn't his death on the Cross Mountain on a Friday, after the prayer of the Way of the Cross, the very crown of his life? Doesn't Fr Slavko's passing show that ...