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To live with the heart - The life and work of Fr Slavko Barbarić, Fr Marinko Šakota (review, part two)

At the end of the book, Fr Marinko introduces about the spiritual profile of this special friar-man. He doesn't want to portray him as a perfect Christian. Nor was he. He had his weaknesses but he fought, day by day. Fr Marinko writes: „Another capacity strongly marked his personality: living in the present moment. He used to say that some people clung to the past because they regret what had happened yesterday, and worry about the future out of fear for what might happen tomorrow. They are fixed on the past or on the future, and they miss the present-day. As they feverishly hold on to the past and the future, they so not realise that they are losing grip on the present moment, which is fleeing like sand from a closed fist.“ Everything that Fr Slavko did in his life, where he participated in, founded and supported was achieved with lot of efforts invested in everyday minorities. The most beautiful activities, associations, festivals and...

To live with the heart – The life and work of Fr Slavko Barbarić, Fr Marinko Šakota (review, part one)

Who was fra Slavko Barbarić? What Medjugorje meant for him? And who was he for Medjugorje?


During next few weeks, before 21st anniversary of his death we will write to You about this great man and friar who, through his life and work is much alike to the well-known Assisi saint. The one whose habit he had proudly worn all his life. Fr Slavko was there from the very beginning of Medjugorje's apparitions, present in spirit and mind, with his body and sacrifice. With every fiber of his being. We will let him to talk through his books, those words that we need to hear and LIVE WITH THE HEART and at the end to die for. As Fr Marinko Šakota, the current parish priest of Medjugorje, writes in his book Living with the heart- The life and work of Fra Slavko Barbarić: „Isn't Fr Slavko's death as unique, as astonishing and as symbolic as his life? Isn't his death on the Cross Mountain on a Friday, after the prayer of the Way of the Cross, the very crown of his life? Doesn't Fr Slavko's passing show that ...